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DGSA 7 (dangerous goods safety advisors for the transport by road and rail)

Controlatom can give you professional advice concerning the radioactive products. Our organisation can count on the expertise of certified dangerous goods safety advisors Class 7 (DGSA7) for the transport of radioactive products by road (ADR) and rail (RID). These DGSA7 experts are certified experts in health physics as well.


Their expertise covers the packing, loading and unloading and transport of radioactive products. Additionally they can inspect if all regulations concerning the transport of radioactive products are followed.

In this field we can provide following services:

  • Identification of the products
  • Advice and support in the choice of used materials and in the set-up of procedures
  • Support and/or verification of the correct application of the regulations concerning every item of the transportation: the packing, loading, the transport itself and the unloading
  • Training of persons involved in the transport
  • The set-up and application of emergency procedures in case of accidents or incidents, and especially regarding safety concerns to prevent an accident/incident
  • The set-up and/or verification of the necessary documents for transporting radioactive products


Controlatom can organize trainings as preparation for the DGSA7 exam. More information concerning our training program can be found on this page.

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