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Medical physics

In radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, the assistance of a qualified expert in medical physics is needed (Art. 51.1.7 of the Royal Decree of 20/07/01). The mission of a medical physicist in radiology or nuclear medicine is to optimise the dose of the patient while surveying the image quality.

We can perform following services

In radiology:

  • Quality control of the apparatus
  • Dosimetry of the apparatus
  • Calculation and optimisation of the patient dose
  • Optimisation of the image quality
  • Analysis of the data
  • Elaboration and follow-up of protocols for quality control

In nuclear medicine:

  • Control of the dose calibrator (accuracy, repeatability ...)
  • Qualitycontrol of the gamma camera in planar mode and SPECT
  • Qualitycontrol of PET systems
  • Qualitycontrol of hybrid systems

We can also help you to perform patient dose studies (eg. internal dose comparison and exposure during pregnancy) and general optimization studies.
We could also assist you in the purchase of new equipment, the set up of new procedures and technical comparisons.

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