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About Controlatom


Founded in 1965, Controlatom is a certified inspection body of class I. Its main objective is to assure the radiation protection of occupational exposed workers in a nuclear environment, the public and the environment against medical, industrial and natural sources of ionising radiation. This protection is assured by performing preliminary studies of the installation, periodical inspections, training of employees and inspections during the evacuation of radioactive waste, etc.

AV Controlatom is a non-profit organization headed by Michel Gaelens. The activities of AVC are divided into five different services: health physics, medical physics, dosimetry, administration and safety-technique-quality.

Our radiation experts have a University or equivalent education. Their knowledge is kept up-to-date by attending courses at Belgian or foreign Universities, conferences and meetings of specific associations.

Controlatom is pleased to answer all your questions concerning ionising radiation and:

  • medical physics
  • radiation physics
  • dosimetry
  • applications for permits
  • radiation protection studies on new installations, changes of the installation in the medical sector, industry, storage
  • setting up a nuclear emergency plan and safety studies
  • intervention in case of detecting radioactive scrap/waste: measurements, analysis and determination of processing
  • protection studies on installations of new sources, on modifications of installations in the medical sector or industry, on storage, on transport, on research.
  • verification of the installation in case of incident and/or contamination. Intervention in case of accident: on call +32 (0)2 674 51 20 (24/24- 7/7)
  • the possibility to organize trainings on ionising radiation at your place or at our offices
  • evacuation of radioactive waste
  • calculation of the radiation dose in case of irradiated pregnant women
  • calibration of activity measurement techniques in hot labs at services for nuclear medicine
+32 (0)2 674 51 20
Intervention in case of an incident
(24/24 - 7/7)