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New EMF - 08/2017

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere in day to day life. All electrical appliances (batteries, 220 V,…), being household or industrial are a source of non-ionizing radiations. In some circumstances, these electromagnetic fields can be dangerous to health. The role of Vinçotte Controlatom is to help you creating a secured environment and to conform you to regulations.

Did you know... - 09/2016

...flying gives you an extra radiation dose? The atmosphere protects us from cosmic rays. The higher you go above sea level, the less will be the protection from cosmic rays and the higher will be your radiation dose. You get every year 0.3 mSv cosmic ray radiation dose on average at sea level. This radiation dose will be 133 times higher at 12000 m above sea level, approximately 40 mSv/year. A transatlantic flight will give you a radiation dose of 0.05 mSv in a few hours. The average cosmic ray radiation dose of cabin crew is 1 to 2 mSv/year. Their individual dose is calculated making use of the flight time and route and will be followed by the company doctor.


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Controlatom is the No 1 in Belgium for:

Health physics

Protection of employees and the public against dangers of radioactivity and X-rays.


Systematical dose determination of workers occupationaly exposed to ionising radiation.

Medical Physics

Protection of patients by close monitoring of the radiation dose and image quality.

Dangerous goods safety advisor for transport

Certified dangerous goods safety advisors class 7 (DGSA7) for the transport of radioactive products by road (ADR) and by rail (RID).

Controlatom is therefore your privileged partner for any questions, problems and formations concerning radioactivity, X-rays, dosimetry and radiation protection.

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