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Health physics

The main concern of Controlatom is the radiation protection of the public, the environment and the occupational exposed workers exposed to ionising radiation in their field of work.

We perform inspections required by law as a certified inspection body in following areas:

  • in the medical sector: radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and laboratories

    Medische sector
  • in the industry: instruments that measure level, density, or thickness, and other sources of ionising radiation (radiography, gammagraphy, laboratories …)

  • transport: the vehicles and packing of the goods

  • the evacuation of radioactive waste: packing, measurements, preparation of the necessary documents

  • consulting or studies for global solutions (analysis, measurements, evaluation…) of all installations, from start to dismantling. All taking into account the impact on environment and human interest.

You can contact us in case of:

  • Verification of a new license.
  • Preliminary protection study for class I, II and III installations.
  • Start up of new installations
  • Site visit in case of a new installation
  • Periodic inspections, required by law. This means that every class III installation has to be inspected at least once a year and every class II installation at least four times a year. These inspections consist of:
    • Determination of the radiation intensity.
    • Detecting radioactive contaminations
    • Tests of the radiation protection (lead aprons …).
    • Environmental dose monitoring.
    • Visibility of safety signs.
    • Testing of safety interlocks, for instance on the entrance doors of the irradiation room.
  • Investigation of incidents and/or cases where the measured dose exceeds the legal dose limits.
  • Supervision on the release of radioactive waste.
  • Supervision on correct functioning and use of measuring equipment.
  • Draft and verification of procedures
  • Assistance to complete the NIRAS/ONDRAF-inventory file
  • Dosimetry studies
  • Projects to (re)organise the radiation protection
  • Investigation of projects related to the internal and external transportation of radioactive products and preliminary approval.
  • In case of liquid or gaseous discharges into the environment:
    • Theoretical calculation of the discharge
    • Confirmation of the calculations with measurements
    • Verification of the legal limits
  • 24/24 on call in case of incidents: +32 (0)2 / 674 51 20


+32 (0)2 674 51 20
Intervention in case of an incident
(24/24 - 7/7)