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Controlatom takes care, for more than 30 years now, of the follow-up of the personal dose of many employees in Belgium. Controlatom is a licensed service for external dosimetry.
We guarantee a useful dosimeter and a clear follow-up of the dosimetry.

  • Excellent dosimeter complying to the international standards
  • Practical for daily use
    • Personalised label
    • Personal holder with neck strap and/or clips
    • Different colours for each period of the year
  • Online access to measurement results and administrative data
  • Statistical tool available for follow-up of the results.
  • Direct link to the radiation expert

Dosimetry products

We can offer different types of dosimeter. Our radiation expert will help you to determine the most appropriate dosimeter(s) and exchange period.


OSL dosimeters are available in different forms

  • OSL worn at chest level (if applicable, underneath the lead apron), beige holder
  • OSL worn at chest level, outside of the lead apron, red holder

Wrist- and ringdosimeter

TLD extremity dosimetry

  • Holder containing a TLD pastille, worn at the wrist to measure the dose at the extremities
  • TLD pastille, worn at a finger

Albedo neutron dosimetry

An Albedo dosimeter: specially designed to detect exposure to neutrons.


Controlatom delivers dosimeters with different exchange periods. This period will be determined by the radiation expert and the occupational physician in function of the radiation risk (type of source, activity, type of installation, number of hours in use … ).


Do you want to order dosimeters?

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